Traffic Engineering Server Application Package

TES Application Package (TES AP) is the extension for TES Platform. It contains proprietary toolset for powerful Traffic Engineering including Bandwidth Management, QoS, Filtering, Traffic Monitoring, Layer 7 Packet Inspection etc. TES AP adds extra functionality to already running TES Platform and doesn’t require operating system reinstallation: it is necessary to click one button in HTML GUI of TES Platform to get the Application Package installed (consult with User's Guide for more details).

There two options of TES Application Package available: Freeware and Commercial.

Freeware TES AP is applicable as a full-featured evaluation demo of our standard commercial software. You are welcome to use the latest version in your local network of up to 30 PCs: it is able to accept connections from LAN hosts which have IP addresses from range to, any other connections from local network are declined by Freeware TES AP. This variant of TES Application Package is free.

Commercial Application Package brings complete set of proprietary traffic engineering tools and has no limitations dislike Freeware: TES Platform with Commercial TES AP can be used to establish exceptional performance, security and manageability almost in any Ethernet environment. Please contact us for more details on how to get Commercial TES Application Package.

Features list of TES Application Package

  • Bandwidth Management: Bi-directional Traffic Shaping, Unlimited Traffic Control Groups, Control over non-utilized Bandwidth, Smart Throttle Engine, Hard or Burstable Bandwidth Limiting
  • Quality of Service: 8 Traffic Priority Levels, Deep Packet Inspection
  • HTTP Acceleration and Web Cache: Integrated Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP), Transparent Web Cache, Bandwidth Saving and Response Time Minimizing Techniques, DNS Cache
  • Application Level (L7) Packet Inspection for QoS and Network Applications Filtering
  • MAC and/or IP Addresses Filtering
  • Extensive Monitoring: IP Monitoring, Detailed Link Throughput/Bandwidth Statistics, Detailed Web Activity Reporting, Netflow Capabilities, Hardware Health Status Monitoring, Graphical Analysis of Network Accidents
  • Network Security: Integrated Semi-Automatic Firewall, Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
  • Static Routing, Complete DHCP, Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Intelligent HTML Graphical Management Interface, Remote/Local Terminal Access Console
  • Automatic Updates, Daily Email Reporting
  • Fail-safe Operation, One-click backup/restore