Install TES Application Package (TES AP) on TES Platform

TES Application Package is extension for TES Platform and contains a set of proprietary traffic engineering tools including Bandwidth Management, QoS, Filtering, Traffic Monitoring, Layer 7 Packet Inspection etc. In other words TES AP adds extra functionality to already running TES Platform. The installation procedure is extremely easy, below are several steps on how to get TES AP installed (consult with TES AP User Guide, Section 3 for more details):

1. Connect TES Platform to Internet (see section 4.2.2 of TES Platform manual).

2. Select "System Controls" section from TES Platform HTML GUI menu "Traffic Engineering".

3. Press "Install TES AP" button to begin the installation procedure.

4. Follow instructions on the screen: to get Commercial TES AP please send TES Platform license key (see screenshot #1) to BusinessCom representative, just press "Next" button to
proceed with Freeware TES AP installation.

5. As soon as TES AP installation is finished you will see the confirmation message.

When TES AP is installed you will be able to use the full range of traffic engineering tools listed at Solutions Overview page.

screenshot #1
Screenshot #1