Software Only Solution

General Description

WAN connections are usually expensive part in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises budget. Traffic Engineering Server Software Only Solution enables Enterprises and Broadband ISPs to manage network data flows in such a way that they can offer the best service to their subscribers.

Software Only Solution is based on two components: TES Platform and TES Application Package. The former is available for free and comprises all advantages of Open Source Linux operating system. The latter is the addon for TES Platform and brings the full set of Traffic Engineering Functionality including Bandwidth Management, QoS, Firewall etc.

TES Software only Solution can be deployed on the wide range of hardware (see details below). This makes it possible to vary performance of traffic engineering: strong hardware allows to achieve the maximum number of subscribers and high forwarding rates; at the same time Small Enterprises, Internet Cafes can get full traffic engineering functionality at lower costs by using simple hardware.

TES Software Only Solution Features

  • Bandwidth Management: Bi-directional Traffic Shaping, Customizable Traffic Management Groups with Priorities, Smart Throttle Engine, Strict or Burstable Bandwidth Allocation Limits
  • Quality of Service: 8 Customizable Priority Levels, Layer 7 QoS, VoIP/P2P QoS capabilities, Rate Limits for Inbound and Outbound traffic (applicable to any QoS Level)
  • HTTP Acceleration and Web Cache: Integrated Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP), Transparent Web Cache, Bandwidth Saving and Response Time Minimizing Techniques, DNS Cache, Online Video Caching
  • Application Level (L7) Packet Inspection for QoS and Network Applications Filtering
  • Extensive Monitoring: IP Monitoring, Detailed Link Throughput/Bandwidth Statistics, Detailed Web Activity Reporting, Netflow Capabilities, Hardware Health Status Monitoring, Graphical Analysis of Network Accidents
  • Network Security: Integrated Semi-Automatic Firewall, Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
  • MAC and/or IP Addresses Filtering, Static Routing, Complete DHCP, Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Forwarding, Static Routing
  • Intelligent HTML Graphical Management Interface, Remote/Local Terminal Access Console
  • Automatic Updates, Daily Email Reporting, Adjustable Ethernet Settings
  • Fail-safe Operation, One-click backup/restore
Hardware requirements
Minimal Recommended
  • Architecture: x86 (Intel, AMD, VIA)
  • Processor (CPU): 1.0 GHz
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB
  • Hard Drive (HDD): 4 GB
  • Network Adapters: 2 x Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • Display Adapter: any
  • Optical Drive: CD-ROM
  • Other Components: Monitor, Keyboard
  • Architecture: x86 (Intel, AMD, VIA)
  • Processor (CPU): 2.6 GHz or more
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Hard Drive (HDD): 80 GB
  • Network Adapters: 2 x Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • Display Adapter: any
  • Optical Drive: CD-ROM
  • Other Components: Monitor, Keyboard

Diagram of typical TES logical location in the network

You might also contact us to clarify if your hardware is compatible with TES Software Only Solution. To have a look at HTML GUI and features set provided by TES you can visit TES Software Online Demo page.