Establish root/CLI access to TES Platform through SSH

TES Platform makes it possible to change its configuration either using web browser (HTML GUI) or through SSH protocol (Terminal Access Panel). Consult with corresponding TES User's Guide to get more details on this matter.

The idea of this knowledge base entry is to help administrators to get root access to Linux CLI of TES Platform for example for custom software installation or other purposes. Basic Linux/Unix knowledge is expected.

By default every TES Platform doesn't accept SSH connections using root as the username. This is done for security reasons but the following steps may help you to reconfigure server and get root access to it via SSH:

1. Connect keyboard and monitor to a PC TES Platform is installed at (when done you will see the login prompt at the monitor's screen as at the Screenshot #1 below).

2. Login to system using root username and gplpass password. In case of successful login you will see CLI as it is depicted at Screenshot #2.

3. Type the following command:

/bin/ors root

Follow instructions at the screen to set up new password (we highly recommend to use safe password containing capital and lowercase letters as well as digits, e.g. 6HySuTRt76a).

When done you will be able to access TES Platform using SSHv2 protocol (default port is 2233 instead of 22).

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2
Screenshot #2