Quality of Service

One of the major aspects of building and running networks are Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms. In packet switching networks different kinds of traffic are passed through the same informational flow. As WAN link capacity is usually limited, it can lead to the bottleneck between a high bandwidth Local Area Network (LAN) and WAN (Internet). An increase in non-prioritized traffic flows can fill the queue in the edge router that would cause delays, packet loss and poor network application performance.

The main QoS features are to afford guaranteed and differentiated quality for traffic flows in the network by raising priority of certain flow or limiting the priority of another traffic flow.

Every network can take advantage of QoS for best efficiency and performance. Here are some advantages of implementing Quality of Service mechanisms:

  • Accommodate multimedia applications like VoIP or Video with high level service
  • Differentiated service classes for various network applications depending on their importance in particular organization and thus efficient usage of network resources
  • Control over resources like available bandwidth that are being used in the network

Traffic Engineering Server (TES) is NAT Internet gateway with Bandwidth Management and QoS features providing powerful and easy to use tool set for network resources managing in wide range of IP networks. QoS architecture of TES introduces two fundamental parts of QoS implementation:

  • Network flows identification and marking techniques
  • Queuing, scheduling, and traffic-shaping tools

Below is the list of TES Quality of Services capabilities:

  • 8 Priority Levels
  • QoS for VoIP (as well as for Audio, Video)
  • Mission Critical Applications Prioritizing
  • QoS for Inbound and Outbound Traffic Flows
  • Application Level (Layer 7) QoS (control over p2p, IM, etc.)
  • Congestion avoidance techniques

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