Traffic Engineering Server Solutions Overview

Network Reliability, Performance and Security play especially important role in the corporate world today. Along with communication technologies converging it becomes increasingly difficult to design and maintain cost-effective networking infrastructures for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

• 5 minutes initial set up, auto-updates
• Intelligent bandwidth management
• Layer 7 Quality of Service capabilities
• Powerful caching to save bandwidth
• No need to change subscribers' settings
• Latency minimization techniques
• Firewall for in- and outbound network flows
• One-click NAT for Internet connection sharing
• Compatible with any Internet connection

Designed and developed by BusinessCom , Traffic Engineering Server is full-featured Internet Gateway with traffic management and QoS features. It provides powerful and easy to use control panel to analyze, control and optimize data flows circulating in Local Area Network (LAN). TES ensures efficient WAN bandwidth resources utilization and establishes hight levels of network performance, security, reliability and stability.

Traffic Engineering Server that is available as Hardware Solution and Software Only Solution is mainly addressed to Small and Medium Enterprises, Broadband Internet Service Providers as well as to many other organizations searching the way to control and optimize their networks. With the wide range of advanced tools for traffic control and easy-to-use graphical management/monitoring interface of TES, the total costs to build and maintain vast variety of networks are minimal.

Any commercial TES solution is able to provide the full range of functionality described below.

 Quality of Service features help to increase efficiency of backbone Internet connection utilization by classifying, prioritizing and preserving network streams.

 Bandwidth Management tools shape bandwidth, prevent power users from abusing the bandwidth and guard the network from being overloaded with malicious traffic such as viruses, floods and P2P applications.

  • Network Applications Prioritizing, 8 Priority Levels
  • QoS for Interactive Applications, QoS Rx and Tx Rate Limits
  • Layer 7 packet inspection (control over P2P, Games etc.)
  • QoS for Inbound and Outbound Traffic Flows
  • Congestion avoidance mechanisms

  • Accurate bi-directional Traffic Shaper
  • Customizable Bandwidth Management Groups/Profiles, Priorities for Groups
  • Unused Bandwidth Sharing Control
  • Hard or Burstable Bandwidth Limiting
  • Smart Throttle Engine

 Caching capabilities of TES help to achieve significant increase in network performance by saving bandwidth resources and minimizing delays and response time.

  • Web Cache Engine, Online Videos Caching or Blocking
  • Interception (Transparent) and Fail-over Caching
  • Bandwidth Saving and Response Time Minimizing Cache

 HTTP Acceleration provides on-the-fly traffic compression that allows ISPs and Enterprises to achieve up to 30% overall bandwidth savings, both on the inbound and outbound circuits.

  • Integrated Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP)
  • Transparent Acceleration (integrated into Web Cache)
  • No necessity to change clients' settings

 Security Features of TES provide powerful mechanisms to prevent network threats coming from Internet and LAN base.

 Network Monitoring and Traffic Analyzing tools help network administrator to manage network environment and react to incidents as quickly as possible.

  • Network Throughput Monitoring, Netflow capabilities
  • Interactive TCP/IP Monitoring, Pie Charts
  • Detailed HTTP Activity Statistics (visited URLs, files etc.)

 Network Address Translation (NAT) and DHCP service allow seamless Internet Access sharing between network subscribers.

  • Automatic and/or Fully Customizable NAT, Port Forwarding
  • Complete DHCP service, Static Routing

 Intelligent Graphical Management Interface and Terminal Access Console allow to manage TES easily.

  • Full HTML Graphical Management via Secure HTTP (HTTPS )
  • Terminal Access via SSH or locally

 Additional Features

  • Adjustable Ethernet Settings
  • Automatic Updates
  • Health Status Monitoring


  • E-mail Reporting
  • Fail-safe Operation
  • One-click Backup, Backup Downloads/Uploads

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