TES Platform Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ISO image and how to burn it on a CD?
A: An ISO file is a regular file that contains a complete copy of certain CD. ISO images are often provided by various sites so you can burn your own bootable CD that may be used to install Operating System on your server or PC. Once you downloaded the ISO image to your hard drive, you can burn your own copy of the CD.

Note: It is not enough simply to drag and drop an ISO file on your CD icon to create a bootable CD. In order to create a bootable CD from your ISO image, you must be sure you specify that you are burning an ISO/disk image. This is usually done by specifying a file type of ISO. Consult the documentation or help for your CD burning software for further instructions.

You can use the following freeware tools to burn ISO images in Microsoft Windows:

1. Image Burn

  • Browse to the ISO file you want to burn
  • Select the ISO file and right-mouse-click now
  • Choose "Burn using ImgBurn"
2. Burn4Free

  • Start Burn4Free
  • Choose "Drive"
  • Choose "Burn ISO"
  • Browse to the ISO file you want to burn on cd/dvd
  • Select the ISO file
  • Confirm the dialog now with "Yes"
3. CdBurner XP

  • Start CdBurner XP Pro
  • Choose File
  • Choose Write Disc from ISO file
  • Browse for the ISO-image file
  • Choose "Write Disc"

  • Start ISOBurn
  • Choose "Open"
  • Browse to the ISO file you want to burn on cd/dvd
  • Select the ISO file
  • Choose "Burn"

To get more information on how to burn ISO image to a CD using Freeware and Non-Freeware tools click here.

Q: How can I boot my server with a CD?
A: Booting from a CD is a simple operation of starting up your computer with the bootable CD inserted. If this does not work automatically, you will need to change your system boot order in the BIOS. Restart your computer and press keyboard key you are told is needed to enter BIOS Setup.

In the Boot section you should adjust the settings like Boot Order, Boot Device Priority or possibly some other section. Make sure that your CD drive is set to be your first boot device, save BIOS settings and restart computer to boot from bootable CD.