Bandwidth Usage and Internet Connection Speed Test

Below is our list of sites for testing your internet connection speed and bandwidth usage.

Site Description Results example Additional notes
Broadband Internet connection analysis tool with large selection of testing servers that are geographically dispersed results Works in any web browser that supports Flash
Speakeasy's Test
Measures download and upload rates from several geographical locations results Supports any web browser with Flash (at least version 7) plugin
Mcafee's Speedometer
Simple Internet Connection Speedometer speedometer results No Flash plugin required
Java based download, upload, RTT test speedometer results Java 2 Runtime Environment (J2RE) Plugin is required
Simple Internet connection speed test's results Should work in any browser Test
Allows to choose internet connection testing method (Flash, J2RE, mobile test)'s results Should work in any browser
ZDNet's Test
Simple download test ZDNet's results Needs browser with J2RE plugin
Smart download and upload speeds test results To run this test your browser should support Java 2 Runtime Environment
CNET speedtest
Quick download speed test speedtest results Should work in most of Internet browsers